Update to VorpX v21.1.1 broke SkyrimSE Full VR mode

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    Hi there,

    since automatically updating to Version 21.1.1 the tracking
    of my headset (rotation) in Full VR Mode does not work anymore.

    Tracking works fine in Cinema and Immersive Screen.

    AMD R3 1600
    Gygabyte X370
    16G DDR4 3200
    K2FA GTX 970 GT
    PSVR via Trinus PSVR 1.0.9
    Windows10 not updated since last time Full VR Mode was working
    SkyrimSE and SteamVR latest Version available

    Besides a Solution for this specific Problem, is there a way to downgrade?

    Thanks in advance and cheers



    No, it didn’t. The game is tested very regularly, also 21.1.1 is out since three month and your report is the first one suggesting this.

    Please try to reset the profile to default in the config app and check whether you maybe have made other changes to your system that might have caused your issue.


    Hi Ralf,

    and thank you very much for your fast reply. I schould have used “probably” in front of broke, i just saw the correlation between auto-update and partly non functioning software.

    Resetting the Game Profile to factory default did the trick and the Full VR Mode is now working again, the topic can be marked as solved.

    Thanks again and cheers


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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