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    I’ve been contemplating buying Vorpx, but after putting down for the DK1, a new graphics card, and pre-ordering DK2 all in the last month or so the cost for the software is not insignificant. Vireio is free but has very limited compatibility and is difficult to set up properly so it’s not an ideal solution. Vorpx looks to have wider compatibility and a more dedicated VR focus than Tridef.

    My concern is that it appears that there is only one person involved in the development, and the list of compatible titles doesn’t appear to have been updated at all in over four months new, a third of a year. The current library of compatible titles is not worth the money to me. The fact that the development team is so limited does not inspire trust that future updates will be frequent and worthwhile. There doesn’t seem to be any available information on what to expect in future releases or when to expect them.

    Basically: I want to give you my money, please give me the confidence to do so!


    Currently there are about 100 games supported by vorpX, almost every major current first person game that makes sense in the Rift is on that list. If you own all these games, you shouldn’t have to think twice about the cost of vorpX. :) vorpX also works with many more games than those that are mentioned in the compatibility list, the only thing missing in these games is S3D. If you feel any major game that is well suited for VR is missing, please let us know in the wishlist thread above.

    The next update will have about 20 new games supported, focusing on smaller titles that work well in VR and the very few bigger releases that came out since the end of the last year.

    DK2 and the future consumer version of the Rift will obvioulsy be supported, we ordered two DK2s on the day the annoucement was made. Please keep in mind that the Rift is still very much a beta product, and so is vorpX. The release date of the consumer Rift is our target date for version 1.0 of vorpX, but of course there will be several vorpX updates before that.


    @trialobite – I don’t think Vorpx is expensive given that you will hardly have anything to play without it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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