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    It has been a while since I posted mostly because I have just loved playing Skyrim in my DK2 and have had no serious problems.

    Now I am considering a CV1. Mostly because I am starting to notice the “screen door effect” more and more (really obvious in the sky and foggy distant mountains) and I would like to re-gain the WOW factor I had when I first started VR skyrim.

    Unfortunately there is some online controversy over weather the CV1 is a real improvement. Some say the improvement is subtle at best and the lens ‘god ray’ problem really takes away from any benefit.

    Anyone here that moved from DK2 to CV1 have any advice or experience either way?
    The way I see it a GTX 1080 cost almost the same price as a CV1 (in Canada). So I could use the money I have saved to get smoother game-play and performance gain (but still have lower image quality screen door effect DK2) Although my current system is still plenty powerful (GTX980 intel i7 4690k).

    Would you recommend the GTX 1080 or the CV1… Or just save the money and wait for future tech/price drops. Any thoughts appreciated.

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