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    Hi guys. In 1 – 2 weeks I should receive home the kat walk vr mini and I would like to test the kat walk mini to walk in games that we play with vorpx.

    Is there anyone that could help out to figure out a way to make it work?



    You’ll have to elaborate, I have the Omni treadmill by Virtuix and I just throw it in Keyboard and Mouse mode. It also has a gamepad mode as well, everything just kinda works or at least the games I want to play do.

    -edit I want KatWalk Mini, no restrictive ring looks nice D:


    Can’t really add anything more enlightening, so basically just seconding Xain.

    If KAT provides a keyboard/gamepad mapping software similar to Virtuix, you should be able to use it with almost any game. That’s not so much something that concerns vorpX directly, more a matter of what they provide to translate walking on their treadmill to conventional PC input.


    Hi guys! Thanks for the reply! I will get back to you as soon as the kat vr arrives here home in 2 weeks. I will post more details about its software.



    Katvr just told me that the only games that can be played with katvr are the ones supported by their kat io.

    Practically kat vr has no WASD support like the virtuix

    I do not understand then how kat vr is capable to play ps vr games


    Hi Marcob wondered if you had any luck getting the Kat walk working? I had Vorpx recognise and try to hook into the kat walk itself but haven’t been able to get it working in game yet don’t know if you’ve had any luck with it?


    Also when I was in talks with the guys at kat vr they said it did work with vorpx but they found “performance issues” but didn’t elaborate on this.


    Hi! I have bad experience with kat walk mini. It does not have any keyboard mode whatsoever and we are stuck with their software that sucks. There is , as far as i know, no way to run kat vr without going though their kat vr software. I have kind of complained about it but with no result. The same issue will probably be with their kat loco hardware solution, unless they make it work independently from their software and unless they nake their keyboard mode work as standalone.

    Please let’s keep in touch and maybe complain together with them so we can get a better product for the high price we paid. Thanks

    I have been so upset to katvr mini that i have been lookikg myself in locomotion methods for both vr and not vr. I have come up with my own DIY method for walking in games , using hardwarea dn software from different vendors and combining them together

    I can use this diy locomotion method for any non vr pc game and non vr console game. I can use it in vr, only for those games that have controller / keyboard input enabled (for example skyrim)

    I can use the katvr platform, if i want, in conjunction with my diy shoes, but i prefer to have some sort of roomscale feeling and walk and run in place too, when i want, i can do that with my shoes and sensors

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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