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    Can anybody tell me if it is possible to configure or to add a mod to skyrim that makes me swing my controller to swing my weapon ? (or the equivalent with the bow ?)
    thanks in advance


    Impossible unless someone makes a mod, which they probably won’t or I’d have already been done. It might not even be possible with the current modding tools anyway. I think your best bet is to wait and hope for a PC release of SkyrimVR, when the PS exclusivity has been lifted.


    Actually, a few years ago someone did make a mod like this for Razer Hydra.

    I unfortunately don’t have time to port it to the Oculus Touch and official support seems to be coming anyway.


    Okay thanks guys
    I thinked that Maybe someone had converted thé movement of a controller for example, un some games you can shake the controller to do certain things
    But thanks, i’ll enjoy it anyway it doesn’t really bother me


    Yeah, in theory Ralf could make movement patterns and map them to buttons like they did on the wii games, but it would mean a lot of work, and the feature could end up being a disaster that never pans out, so I don’t see Ralf spending his time on it, since Vorpx is already an endless endeavor.
    That said if such a feature was implemented it would probably benefit a lot of games :)


    I did some experiments with gesture based movement/actions a while ago. Whether that will ever materialize in final builds is still undecided. It’s not only the feature itself which has to be done right, probably even more work would be involved in making it user friendly, i.e. there would have to be tutorial sequences to teach the gestures and so on.

    Long story short: consider it ongoing research, but don’t count on it ever going to be implemented.

    Hint: Try “playing air guitar”. Not as good as the real thing of course, but still a nice immersion boost: fake to aim while you press the trigger whenever you fire a gun, swing your arm while pressing the button whenever you swing a sword, reach out to an object while you press the button whenever you use an object etc. After a short while that starts to feel quite natural.


    Yeah thanks for your answers, i’ll probably do the “fake gesture” naturally.
    Just wanted to know if it was possible to implement and i understand your point of view.
    I didn’t buy the software yet because is still doesn’t have my oculus, but i will soon ;)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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