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    I’d like to be able to stream my gameplay in stereoscopic 3D to BigScreen.

    I think the way to do this would be:

    1. Get VorpX to run without telling my headset that it’s a VR program.

    2. Get VorpX to render both left and right images to the monitor. (no headtracking, no extra crap, just stereoscopic 3D)

    3. Have BigScreen stream what’s on the monitor to the viewers, and actually control the game from within BigScreen.

    Is that how this would be done or would there be another way? And if this is the way, how do you do step 1?

    This seems to be doable since it should be just a matter of turning some VorpX features off rather than on.


    I have found there is “Generic VR Headset (desktop mode)” which is a start, but it shows everything as being round. I’m trying to get things … rectangular? … like a 3D movie. Is there a setting for that? Also I will want to kill the VorpX logo and anything else that interferes with the full screen SBS 3D


    I made a tweet about this

    Here’s a picture of what it should be doing:
    desired behavior

    Here’s a picture of what it is actually doing:
    actual behavior

    Also, I didn’t think of this yesterday but another potential challenge could be making sure vorpX stays attached to the target game while ignoring BigScreen VR.


    Oh and by the way, the problem isn’t the aspect ratio. It’s the curve.


    vorpX does not really support SBS output since it is solely focused on VR. When using the generic headset mode, you can however remove the lens distortion in the vorpX ingame menu.

    Setting ‘Play Style’ on the main page to ‘Full VR’ and the three lens distortion related settings on the display page to 0.0/0.0/1.0 will get you as close possible.


    could you please answer, how to “get VorpX to run without telling my headset that it’s a VR program.” ?

    if i am starting a game with vorpx running, it is recognized as a vr game. when i want to start bigscreen after that, i have only the choice to close the vorpxed game and open bigscreen.
    How to run the game with vorpx, so that it isn’t recognized as a vr-app?

    Best Regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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