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    I am using the 3glasses blubur s2.

    This is a newer headset that I am trying to use for playing non-vr games like bf4, pubg, and siege.

    Do you have anything within vorp set up for using a non-mainstream headset? I see generic, but understand that this is for phones as headsets.

    I can get the headset to currently work, but the head tracking doesn’t exist within the games. So, I can get in the game, but everything is huge and hard to see, and I can’t turn my head to look at menu items, which leaves me stuck.


    If your headset supports Steam VR, you can use the Steam VR mode in vorpX instead of the generic headset which should also provide head tracking. Just select “Steam VR” in the device selection box in vorpX in that case. Judging from a brief check of an online article about your headset that should work.

    Otherwise you best bet is probably OpenTrack for head tracking, although the chance of that working isn’t too great either if your headset doesn’t support a standard way of reading out head tracking data.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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