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    Testing with Everquest 1 but when i run vorpx and eq nothing shows up on the headset.

    is there a way to force it to ?



    everquest 1 is such a old game, i believe it runs with dX9 ?
    i have no idea if you can get this game to work with vorpx, been like 10 years since i last played everquest 1 so didnt have a chance to try it.
    you could try to copy game using dx9 and link those profile copy to everquest exe, try one by one maybe some profile could hook ?
    you can run unsupported game just fine using vorpx, lately i ran darksiders 3 from start to finish with Z3D/G3D using some official profile game, but you have to try by yourself and pray to get one working.


    I would be in doubt that this game still can be run because its an onlinegame, i am pretty much shure its servers have been disabled ages ago.

    If you are playing the first release from 1999/2000, that would definately not work because its very likely DX7 or DX8. If so you can try the DGVOODOO2 wrapper and see if its runs with the default DGvoodoo2 profile.


    maybe he wants to play it in 2D with desktop viewer! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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