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    hi guys ive been playing with vorpx in the wmr dell head set….
    the games are very clear as running a i7 8700k and a 1080ti graphics card
    but when i load game i cant see the whole screen i have to use in game zoom in out image to access the menus also the menus are very blur on outside ?? what am i doing wrong do i have to load games normally and reconfigure the graphics resolution ?? if so can anyone point me in right direction ans this is very frustrating ??? also i take it the head tracking mouse movement need tweaking in game for every game. thank for help



    In quite a few games vorpX can scale the HUD/menus, but if that isn’t case, you can always use the EdgePeek function. Its purpose is to zoom out the image tempoarily to be able to navigate otherwise hard to use menus. Also useful for watching cutscenes.

    EdgePeek can be activated via: mouse wheel click, right gamepad thumbstick click or the right grip button on Oculus Touch/Steam VR controllers.

    You can find other useful keyboard shortcuts on the “Key Bindings” page of the config app.


    Also depends on the game: since the latest update vorpX can automatically set an optimized resolution in many supported games. To take full advantage of this new feature check the “Custom Resolutions” section in the vorpX help and after adding the resolutions listed there to your graphics driver select a preferred quality in the vorpX menu (“Direct VR” page). Always keep an eye on your framerate though (ALT+F). Games should not dip below 45fps often.

    For games that do not support this auto resolution feature 1600×1200 or 1920×1440 are good choices for vorpX.


    just a quick on ralph scince playing with vorpx now my origin wont go online is this becasue of vorpx ?? as i have bf1 and battlefront 2 on origin plus bf4

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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