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    I’ve run into a weird problem. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines was running perfectly for me in Vorpx for weeks. I attempted to run it the other day with Vorpx and it would CTD immediately. I attempted the basic troubleshooting steps on the forum and attempted to run the game again. It worked fine. I assumed the issue was resolved, unfortunately today when I tried to run the game it would again only CTD. I attempted reinstalling Steam VR, Vorpx, and the game itself, and I was able to get the game to run. Once I got into the game I would encounter weird issues including the Vorpx menu being only blank gray boxes, and a loss of head tracking. each time it would end in the game freezing and CTD. The last time I was able to get the game to run with Vorpx only half of the textures would load in. I ran the game without Vorpx and the texture issues were not present. I have been unable to get Vorpx to hook into the game since, it just attempts to hook and then crashes. I’ve been able to get multiple other games hook with no issue. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten any applications that would be an issue removed, and I’ve disabled windows defender just to see if it would make any difference with no luck. I’m stumped, anybody got any ideas on what could be the culprit?



    are you using mods ?
    are you using vtmb patch ?
    are you using 4gb patch (i forgot if it’s included within vtmp patch).


    I’ve installed the most recent release of the Unoffical patch, and the 4Gb patcher but those were the only modifications I made to the game. originally I had a few texture mods running as well, removed those with a fresh install just in case they were the culprit, and no luck.


    I attempted to run the game again through Vorpx, and it has now stopped the CTD issue. now it simply won’t hook. I’ve tried both hooking methods and neither will hook. Attempted to install the hook helper but it gives me an error and closes the window.


    Did you ever get it running? I’m trying it for the first time and am also using the latest patch (pinned post on Steam community) but am not getting a hook. The game starts up fine otherwise.


    Should work in general normally. Just tried a fresh install of the Steam version with the latest unofficial patch (10.9.1, default install options).

    If you haven’t done so already, please first try the trouble shooting options that appear in the “Attaching to…” dialog after while. If that does not help, check for conflicts. The trouble shooting guide on top of this sub-forum has more details on that.

    The only thing that didn’t work for me is the .ini edit for adjusting the FOV, since apparently more recent versions of the unofficial patch use their own .ini. For the time being browse to [Vampire install folder]\Unofficial_Patch\cfg and add the following line to autoexec.cfg:

    bind “F4” “fov 112; default_fov 112”

    With 112 being the right value for a 4:3 resolution, e.g. 1600×1200 or 1920×1440, may differ for other aspect ratios. The next vorpX will handle that automatically for recent versions of the unofficial patch too.

    You will also have to empty the DirectVR memory cache and rerun the scanner for DirectVR head tracking once. vorpX ‘thinks’ the cache is valid, but in fact it isn’t for the unofficial patch.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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