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    I spent quite a bit time with the Vorpx shader authoring tool to get this game looking pretty good in G3D. All HUD stuff is working great and easily legible at high resolutions. I’m Lighting has been a real challenge and there is still some minor issues depending on the tile and angle but nothing too bad. I did the best I could with minimal shader knowledge and this fix is based on trial/error. This did help advance my understanding in using the authoring tool. I am beginning to see patterns in offending shaders and how to either correct or disable them.

    Anyhoo, my profile has been uploaded to the cloud. I will also encourage anyone that has superior knowledge than me on shaders and if they can improve on my profile, awesome!

    Other in game settings are Screen Space Reflection, Motion Blur, Bloom and Filmic Noise are off. Resolution of 3840×2160 and everything else maxed out including AA and Supersampling Screen. Vaporum does have a FOV slider which I set in game to 82.0 and with a G3D strength in vorpx of 1.15. These settings is quite immersive.

    If you like the Legend of Grimrock series, this game has an awesome steampunk atmosphere with some interesting game mechanics. I am playing with the GOG version.

    Have fun,



    Thanks! Was really enjoying Grimrock 2 in vorpx, so excited to give this a whirl. Much appreciated, Stryker!


    I used this profile for Vaporum Lockdown, there was no 3D but it let me edit shaders, shoved each one properly, then I used same profile for Fall of Dungeon Guardians and edited shaders there.

    Then next day without any upodates to widows, vorps or any other software, nothing really both games just stopped letting me edit shaders and disabled 3d in dungeon guardians.

    I was able to get it back for guardians game via injection through dll, but for Lockdown – nothing.

    I have no idea why would it suddenly disable shader edit and 3d after changing nothing.

    P.S.: Fall of Dungeon guardians is a similar game and Ive uploaded the profile btw.


    I was able to bring back shader editing using right injection dll (dxgi.dll) but cant make shaders to rednder in stereo, only overlay and only negative offset, can do that to whole scene too if all shaders are tagged as UI, but its pointless.

    So all Ive got working was flat game on screen and UI in a smaller space more readable, and floating closer to viewer than rest of the scene.

    Maybe advanced profile authoring could help, dont know.


    The Unity 5 Base profile renders Vaporum Lockdown very well in all 3D modes, but G3D needs tweaking to fix some lighting and shadows. I’ve just been running it in Z-Normal because I’m too lazy to fix the G3D myself.

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