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    Victor Vran (G3D)

    I would like to dedicate this DX11 game to Ralf, who is always so patient helping us when it comes to questions and even more questions (and especially my dumb ones sometimes ) about VorpX.

    Hack n slay game, very promising !

    – Cinema widescreen modes recommended
    – Using high resolutions and pulling cinema screen very close makes the game a completely different experience against normal 19″ monitor play.
    – Profile available at the cloud


    Profile update:

    – Several Objects put properly in place.

    Game looks very crisp on resolutions above 3000. Using a custom resolution requires monitor and games setting to be equal. ( Select monitor first, then game res. example: 3200×1800)


    Hi RJK! I need your help, it’s a question about other game. I’m playing Battlefield V but since the last update it works bad, the sensation is when I turn my head the stage jump a few and it’s very uncomfortable, do you know what happen? Could I return to Vorpx 19.2.2 instead 19.2.3? Thank you very much!


    If your game is officially supported please ask in the support forum. I dont own this game, so i cant be any help unfortunately.


    @ angelayla :

    Please make sure to play the game with a gamepad and have “X-Box Gamepad Override” in the vorpX menu set to “Off”. If you are unsure, please reset the profile to default to ensure everything is set up as it is supposed to.

    Using two mice (one is emulated by vorpX for head tracking) at the same time pretty much causes the issue you describe. IIRC there is an according hint shown when you start the game. This is unrelated to the new update, it’s a restriction of the game that always existed.

    Also it would be great if you could not post your issue in totally random threads to keep the forum in a usable state for everyone (you included). Thanks!


    UPDATE Jan 16 2020

    Completely redone profile.

    Please do not use the profile (marked broken) which
    does not work with VorpX 20.1.1

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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