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    Hey guys. I noticed that whenever I use Virtual desktop through Vorpx i have more stutter then using Oculus mode and Air Link opposed to Steamvr through VD, I noticed that through Air Link I can have the headset at a locked 120 hz and the game locked at 60 hz, however with steamvr and virtual desktop the headset hz is fluctuating causing small stutters, even If I try fast or safe sync, changing the Fluidsync setting below that makes no difference either, I also tried using SSW in VD but that just locks the headset to 60 hz and causes artifacts like ghosting and wobbling. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    It’s just better to stay ‘all Oculus’. VD is a great tool, but using it together with vorpX just adds unnecessary steps into the process that makes things more complex and prone to stutter/judder. Unless you have a very specific reason to use VD, use vorpX in native Oculus mode (change the headset type to Oculus in the vorpX config app) over Link/Airlink.


    i see, no the only reason is VDs slicker UI, Oculus is a pain changing resolution and refreshrate for every different game i want to play, i do prefer Air link because i get better Image quality and latency, but i will stick to Oculus like you say since it does work better.


    By the way, I noticed this too, VorpX, unfortunately, works disgustingly with VD, the picture is constantly twitching, and if you turn off the full-screen mode in the game settings, the picture quality turns into such a soap that you want to constantly wipe your eyes. But on the other hand, original VR games like SkyrimVR, BONEWORKS, look simply gorgeous through VD, even in comparison with Air Link, personally for me and at the most twisted quality settings. So yeah, with VorpX it is better to use the Oculus platform (environment).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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