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    Unless I’m doing something wrong only air link works with vorpx when connecting with the quest. Considering how buggy and slow air link is compared to virtual desktop, I’m hoping this will change. any word on whether virtual desktop will be compatible soon?


    Personally I’d always recommend to stick to Link/AirLink, which under normal circumstances works at least as well as any third party streaming method. Adding an extra tool into the processing chain also adds a potential source of extra problems. Better to avoid that whenever possible.

    If for some reason you still want/have to use VD, you have to make sure that vorpX is set to SteamVR mode in the config app. VD can’t handle the Oculus/Meta-runtime calls, it only works with SteamVR.


    I for vorpx use only airlink with opemxr. And run perfect all game. I must use virtual desktop only for resident evil mod and no men sky. For vorpx is too much better use airlink with openxr because you no must run steamvr.


    I also use airlink and i have no problems either, you might want to check everything on your end to see why it’s working so badly for you, maybe try a different modem/router with a higher transfer capacity preferably, using 5GHz is also a must.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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