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    Trying to make the virtual monitor work but so far it acts just like it would if i made the game larger than the monitor resolution.. unreachable screen area.

    I have the game setup at high res to help with compression, it is at height of 2672 and width of 3340. To make this work, i have to date been using custom resolution with NVIDIA of 4864×2736 , works great.

    So virtual monitor – two checkboxes checked – Enabled and Activate when you put on your headset. Additional resolution, 3564×2672. In trying to use this on my Quest Pro
    – Real monitor set to it’s native resolution – 3440 x 1440
    – Oculus Settings – 72hz, render res set to very low 2784×1408 since vorpx ignores those anyway in the game
    – Enable VorpX
    – Connect with Quest Air Link
    – Connect to Desktop via Quest
    – Once there, Enable vorpX Desktop Viewer
    — Quest dumps out of desktop view, opens vorpx desktop viewer
    — Initially, the resolution is my current real monitor resolution
    — Then monitor shuts off, the vorpx desktop viewer resizes itself to something.. I am hoping it’s my additional resolution but thinking it is not. If i go to windows display settings, all the drop downs are blank
    — Open Game
    — Mouse can only reach the middle 2/3 of the screen

    So, is my order of operations wrong? or ?


    That sounds decisively wrong, but I don’t really know what the issue might be TBH. You should see a fairly long list of resolutions in the Windows display settings normally.

    I’ll try to replicate your steps. All I can suggest for now is trying without the added custom res in the faint hope that’s the issue somehow. Adding the exact res of your headset doesn’t really make sense anyway, that’s not how things work with vorpX. The final res for the image that gets sent to the headset is auto calculated by vorpX, it’s never exactly the desktop/game res.


    ok so i went to the advanced settings while in vorpx desktop and then at least i can see the current resolution:

    Reinstalled vorpx and still the drop downs for resolutions are greyed out or at least inactive


    oh and also the reinstall removed custom res anyway and i didn’t put it back. Windows 10 btw as well


    I am having the same issue om Star Citizen. My mouse cannot reach top or lower portions of the screen in FULL VR – Immersive or cinema. I am using the vorpX_beta_WebSetup. VR headset Bigscreen Beyond.


    I had that issue a while back in Fallout 4 (mouse only accessing a smaller screen within the screen that we see).

    Was caused and/or fixed by changing settings in the Nvidia control panel under “adjust desktop size and position”.

    Try “restore settings” to default or changing “perform scaling on:” GPU / Display.
    Some combination of those worked, might just need to restore it to default if it was changed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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