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    Basically I have had the same problem as others with my computer thinking its a virus. I tried downloading two times and now I am out of downloads. I’m not very happy because $52 is a lot to pay and I haven’t got anything in return.

    could I please have a safe link to download it from



    This is a problem with your virus scanner. Please notify your AV vendor of this as a false positive. Many scanners try to guess whether something is malicious, and in case of vorpX this guess is wrong in your case. May be caused by vorpX “injecting” other programs to work.

    To get another download link, please send a mail to support |at| vorpx com.


    It’s really best to have an Antivirus you have some control over. Some AV by default make all of the decisions without asking you and the result is the problem you’re having.

    I use Comodo internet security and have it ask me before taking actions but even then it still makes bad choices and deletes a program that’s perfectly safe once in a while. Most AV software have a feature where you can add a particular program to safe list. There have been times when the only way I could install a certain program was to close comodo down completely, then install the program, then start comodo again. Some AV have a much higher rate of false positives: Norton for example. I also had severe problems with Bitdefender about 4 years ago. It was stopping some Steam games running even when they were added to its safe list!


    Had the same problem as OP. Did not realize I was limited to number of downloads. Will put a mail to support.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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