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    I changed the Device to vive. I did not see this on my first few attempts at getting the vorpx software to work. I have 3 games to test. Far cry 3: Blood Dragon, Metro: Last Light and Arma 3.

    No dice on any of them. I have gotten last light to load but my frames are 20 because I’m running on my monitor and headset at the same time….

    I tried to enter the options to lower the graphics but the FOV was like 20 and I could not read or mouse over to any settings. It took me a while to even click over to options…


    Menus that are outside your view are best used in EdgePeek mode (press the mousewheel), which temporarily switches to a cinema like view.

    Enhancing the FOV is crucial for full VR mode. What can be done in this regard varies from game to game. In many games this is solvable perfectly, in others you may have to live with compromises. The Essential Hints Guide in the vorpX help lists the various options vorpX provides to deal with the matter.

    For Far Cry 3 please make sure to disable the Uplay ingame overlay in the Uplay options. Some Ubisoft games don’t hook with it enabled unfortunately. Also try both the DX9 and DX11 version of the game. One might work better for you.

    Arma III requires BattleEye to be disabled. Since a BattleEye update some time ago vorpX does not work anymore with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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