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    So, does the VP2 currently work? I’m seeing mostly negative responses, but they’re all over a year old, so, no real idea if it’s still down.

    Wanted to run a Spanish Civil War campaign in Il-2 1946 B.A.T. pack in VR, but if it doesn’t work in the VP2, won’t be able to even try it, unfortunately.

    (Other headsets are doa for me. 71mm IPD and size 62 hat size means the Reverb, Quest, etc are all unalignable and skullcrushing for me.)


    Try the search function of the forum. I don‘t have a Vive Pro 2, so I can‘t give an answer myself, but there have been two or three threads discussing the device. IIRC it works with some caveats related to the Vive software.


    I use Vive Pro2 every day with Vorpx and it works great. I have upgraded to a 3080 GPU (I think that is necessary because 1080 frame rates were too slow). For best results I use windowed game with a custom resolution 2560×1440 (you need to use a DVI cable input to your display monitor)(create one with Nvidia Control panel)set in the game (not on the desktop)and then resize the window smaller to up the frame rates. As you make the window smaller, the frame rate rises but the resolution decreases. I will never be able to use the full resolution of my Vive pro due to frame rate limitations, but by gradually reducing the size of the window untill you get an acceptable frame rate, you get the max you can for your gpu. I am very satisfied with Vorpx with Vive pro2.


    can you describe what do you mean by framerate limitations ?.

    Where did you meet them ?
    What exactly causes those limitations and where do you read them ?
    Can you give us some values ?
    Is this game specific and/or which game are you talking about ?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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