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    Hello everyone,

    Got me a Vive Pro 2 and tested it with vorpx.

    The HMD requires “ViveConsole” to be installed through steam.
    A bunch of programs from the Console install folder must be excluded in VorpX.
    Resolution of the Pro 2 is of corse better, but not better as expected.
    Pro 2 seems to eat up a lot of FPS compared to Pro 1 at 4k resolution.
    Fallout 4 was almost implayble with Pro 2 17/9 Fps on 4k / GTX1080ti.
    Vorpx sharpening has almost no affect on Pro 2. !
    Pro 2 even looks kind of unsharp. (perhaps certain StaemVR settings nee to be made)
    Even Pro 2 has more pixels, the image looks sharper on Pro 1 !

    I went back to PRO 1 because of way better performance.
    On distant objects you may gain details but hardly on close.
    I would say its not worth to buy a Pro 2.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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