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    Pa Sing

    Hi all,
    Vive original.
    Vega 64
    Monitor 1600 x 1200
    Im playing The Outer Worlds, everything else running ok.
    In game FOV at 120/Max
    Running Vorp in full VR mode.
    When I move the Field of View (shift MW) out/away the screen/image sort of reduces/lifts from the bottom and the sides, and stays stuck at the top, leaving a lot of black space at the bottom and some at the sides.
    It feels like I have to keep looking up and not straight forward.
    Very hard to read the HUD stuff across the top of the screen/s as well.
    When I edge peek, it pulls down evenly in front of me where I find it in a better position.
    Is there a way to move the normal viewing image downwards and bring the image into a more straight forward looking position.
    When I have tried other games previously I had the same issue/feeling.
    Thanks all for any help.


    Try to reset the view with ALT+SPACE. The viewport is supposed to be a little bit asymmetrical though, vorpX (correctly) centers the virtual screen to your eyes, not the center of the headset viewport.

    All VR headsets render more downwards than upwards as a slight optimization: human vision is tuned to concentrate more on things below your eyes than above, so headset vendors figured it would make sense to utilize this psychological effect and render more pixels where it counts (downwards) and less where it’s less important (upwards).

    Hence a certain asymmetry with slightly more space visible below the virtual screen than above is perfectly correct when the screen is centered to your eyes. For some headsets more than for others.

    Pa Sing

    Thanks Ralf

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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