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    Not matter which game I try, I get the message that there’s a problem with the OCCULUS driver. It said “Play your favourite games on Occulus and Vive”.
    I highly doubt that you actually own a Vive headset.
    Even the Desktop Viewer is Occulus only!!

    This whole program is a mess. It crashes over and over. It crashes without doing anything. Tray icon there -> reading something -> tray icon gone… without any crash dialogue…
    It crashes while browsing for an exe. (when using the “create desktop shortcut” feature)
    It crashes and hangs all the time. I didn’t see it working for a single game in a whole (wasted) day.

    You call this a beta? Vive support isn’t even in alpha state!
    Now I know why there is no demo version. I already knew that one should never ever purchase a software that has no demo. I shouldn’t have any doubts about this. The one and only reason for this is, because no one would buy it otherwise. Never seen a legitimate software without demo in 20 years of computer usage.
    40$ stolen… No refunds after registring, eh? And no testing before registring. Such sh*t makes me sick. I hope the money will bring you misfortune.


    Just a little hint: a “registration” process isn’t irreversible. Just delete the registration info for the user and you can perfectly refund him, without risking that the registration info can be used by anyone else.
    With a software that can only be downloaded after purchase and isn’t auto-registred, but needs to be registred online, this makes absolutely no sense.


    u need atleast to have a little knowledege how to use your computer. Actually nowadays everyone wants to have a programm that works by pressing one button.
    As for voprx i dont know any better programm for playing in 3d. All games excluded the original oculus or other headset native one , like fallout 4 skyrim vr are only z-buffer like so just crap.

    Gt used to the program hit some more butoons and enjoy vorpx games…LOL


    Sounds like you are using vorpX in Oculus mode, which is the default. For your Vive you need to switch to “Steam VR” in the vorpX config app. After doing that your Vive works just as well as an Oculus headset.

    Please follow the steps below to select “Steam VR” as your headset type.

    1. Open the vorpX config app.
    2. Go to the “General” page
    3. Select “Steam VR” in the “Device Selection” listbox.
    4. Click “Apply & Close”


    First, I apologize for my offensive post. I’ve had a hard day at work and all the trouble with vorpX and the refund policy really got on my nerves.

    The config app didn’t open a single time. I’ve watched it in Task Manager. When running it, “vorpConfig (32 bit)” appears for about 1-2 seconds, then it disappears.
    I’ve tried it dozens of times, and I also rebooted inbetween. It doesn’t open.

    By the way, I’ve just started vorpX to test it again, and again it crashed right after a few seconds. The tray icon disappeared right below my mouse pointer.
    The second time it remained active. But the config app never appeared so far. Not a single time.
    Another thing – after a few hangs/slowdows/crashes, there’s a fair chance that vorpX suddenly says that there’s a problem with my license. And there’s no option to re-activate it. When rebooting, this problem is fixed.

    The trouble started with the install already. First, the download was blocked from my Antivirus. Had to disable it while installing. Then the download window directly has changed to “no resonse” state (without clicking on it!) and remained in this state for several minutes, until the install continued.

    It just seems like it’s generally incompatible with my PC.
    No idea what to try…

    My PC:
    Intel HexaCore i7-3930K (6 X 3.5 GHz)
    RAM: Kingston HyperX 32 GB
    GPU: nVidia Geforce GTX Titan 6 GB
    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit – up-to-date


    This all sounds very annoying, but I’m sure Ralf will be able to help you get it working. I been on these forums for years and it always seem to end with well.

    Try turning your anti-virus off, when running Vorpx.


    The problem almost certainly is you AV program. If you use anything else than Windows Defender, try to disable it. If that helps, exclude the vorpX program folder from scanning.

    Be aware that some particularly invasive AV programs make it very hard for their users to fully disable them. If you continue to have this issue after diasabling, try to uninstall it.

    Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender out of the box, which is automatically actrive when you don’t use a third party AV scanner. Windows Defender provides good protection without being as invasive as some other scanners.


    I’m using Kaspersky IS since sereral years and I’m very satisfied with it.
    An IT professional that I know has already tested my security. He couldn’t get past Kaspersky.
    Before Kasperky, my PC never remained fast and stable for such a long period of time.
    I’ve also never had any problem with it. And I’m using *a lot* of software. Graphic programs, music programs with hundreds of plugins, etc.
    And even some Windows mods, that would have been blocked by other antivirus softwares.

    I’ve uninstalled it and now the config window opens.
    But I don’t want to give up on my Antivirus.
    I want to try to get both to work.
    Can you tell me which files I need to add to the exclusions?


    When running a game, I get the message from Steam, that the game is running in both – a VR environment and on the desktop. The performance in this mode may not be acceptable.
    And that’s the case – the framerate is terrible. How do I run the game in VR only?


    This message has no meaning for vorpX. The games have to run on the desktop since they are desktop games not native VR games. For performance enhancing measures please check the “Performance Optimization” section in the vorpX help. It contains all general hints that can be given in that regard.

    Keep in mind that vorpX has to render everything twice for 3D, which roughly costs half the FPS alone. On top of that there is some additional overhead for sending the image to headset.

    AV: You need to exclude the vorpX program folder from your scanner. That is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Animation Labs\vorpX. It’s probably better to use Windows Defender instead though, which is automatically active in Windows 10. Invasive third party AV programs like the one you are using don’t provide much better protection but cause a lot of additional issues, especially with software like vorpX.

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