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    Take advantage of the Vorpx controller emulation. I went to the key binding section of the Alien Isolation options menu for reference. Then using the Vorpx in game menu I mapped each key/mouse button to the button I wanted on my 360 controller. (I click my left thumbstick to pull out into EdgePeek for instance)

    I have Override Xbox Controller set to FULL in the Vorpx in game menu. The head tracking works great and the L and R sticks work just like I’m playing w/o a HMD. Make sure and set stick sensitivity as well, mine was way too high by default.If the shadows can be fixed in Geometry 3D mode we would be set. Oculus CV1 latest version of Vorpx


    I’ve got it working and looking great on the vive! It turns out once i had the controller emulation going, the head tracking came back.

    I also set the resolution to 2160×2400, a suggestion i found in a reddit post from way back. I found lower resolutions look to pixelated, the higher resolution obviously looks much better.

    There is still the half cut off tracker (and I am sure hack tool) but its a much better then before.


    I can get the desktop viewer going, but when I set Alien Isolation as the profile (apply and close) and then run the game, I lose head tracking as soon as I move using the xbox controller. The only way I can get it back again is by going back to virtual cinema mode -> On and then -> Off. But again I lose head tracking once I touch the controller.

    Any assistance would be appreciated. I really want to scare the pants off myself. Xbox One controller and CV1


    Whats the best 3D reconstruction mode for this game in terms of visuals and fps? Is the default 3D geometry or Z-adaptive better? I want to increase my fps since its dropping below 45 and still look good.


    Just use 1920×1080 resulution when having FOV unsolvable problems. You will lose minimal portion of screen on the upper and lower part but everything will work fine.


    Regarding lights and shadows.. I’ve played Alien Isolation with Nvidia 3Dvision. This game is not officially supported by Nvidia 3Dvision and have same problems with lights and shadows. But there is one tweak to fix it (HelixModAlien Isolation tweak). It makws Vorpx + HTC Vive “as is”..
    Any thoughts? Also there are lots of fixes for many games from HelixMod including Borderlands 2… this game also has some shadow problems with VorpX…


    Anyone already tried the HelixMod for VorpX? Looks pretty awesome if it works.


    this game also has some shadow problems with VorpX… not really playable… I’d like to sell my Vorpx licence.. (sorry Raplh.. if you’d fix shadows I’ll change my opinion…)

    Main problem is still that games are not designed for VR.. that’s not Ralph’s fault. You feel nausy in any not native VR game (if you dont stay still and dont use teleportation as in native games… I feel VERY BAD after.. I tried Vanishing of Ethan Cartger yesterday.. it has OFFICIAL VR support.. well I almmost puked in a half an hour.. but picture has no artefacts)..


    I guess I’m one of the lucky few that gets no VR sickness whatsoever, regardless of visual artifacts, mmovement, framerate, or wonky headtracking.

    Still hoping for a solution to the shadow problem as well and would lije to hear from anyone whose tried that mod too.

    I’m sort of just waiting to see if it gets resolved in the next vorpx update, as I’m probably going to hold off on playing through AI until the new movie comes out, cause I’ll prob be in the mood for an Alien game and there aren’t many good ones so I’m saving it

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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