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    First, sorry for my English, i’m french user.

    My problem is when i switch in FullVR with Spherical mode in VLC, my screen on my Oculus is inverse up and down but only on spherical mode; when i change in normal or immersive no problem.

    I try to use VLC because in spite of this problem it is fluid contrary to MPC which does not work with hevc video as it should whith lag videos or the sound is shifted whereas it’s not the case when MPC launched without Vorpx ; I have the codecs on the PC.

    My config is :
    Core i5-8400
    16Gb RAM
    Nvidia GTX 1080

    So if you have any reply for VLC or MPC problem, thanks in advance


    For now please use MPC-HC for spherical videos, the VLC issue is related to VLC using OpenGL with vorpX. I’ll have to fix that for the next vorpX version.

    Can’t really help with your codec issue unfortunately. You might want to try deinstalling all external codecs and then try the latest MPC-HC from the link below. I’m pretty sure it has a built-in HEVC codec.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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