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    Hi guys, i follow this forum for a while and enjoy your advices but never came here to speak.

    But for some time now i’ve bought Voiceattack on steam, it’s a small voice recognition software which is very much usefull in vorpx.

    I’ve configurated voice shortcuts for a lot of anoying basics, i play only with my xbox 360 controller and i love it.

    Recenter the screen, reload the z 3D, showing the menu, doing a scanVR … everything is simple now.
    It works very well even for me in french, it uses the windows voice recognition sofware.

    That’s it, i just wanna share this here, because i really love it and make my vorpx experience better.

    And by the way, ralf … if you see this, man i love you.
    Finished my best game in VR, thanks to you.
    Soma is still my best ever.
    Thanks a lot


    I’m gonna look into VoiceAttack, thanks for the suggestion!
    And i agree, SOMA is a masterpiece.


    Sounds neat! thanks for sharing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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