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    Contrary to the vorpX 0.71 documentation you may have to set the display orientation to “Landscape Flipped” instead of “Portrait” when using Windows 8.1.

    Sorry for the confusion.



    I have the Rift DK2 and Win8.1.

    Just wanted to add that I had to go into the Nvidia Control Panel, and under Display-> Adjust Desktop Size/Position, change the scaling mode for the Rift2 to Full-screen and Perform scaling on: GPU. By default it was set to Display scaling, and games like Fallout New Vegas wouldn’t start because the Oculus was rejecting the resolution. Once i did that i was able to start Fallout if i set the Rift as the main display.


    vorpX 0.7.1 / DK2 / Win 8.1 here as well. I also have display orientation set to Landscape (Flipped) and the Rift set as the primary monitor, but I am not able to successfully start up Fallout, even after trying sajittarius’s fix above. The DK2 is set to extended mode, obviously. After starting the game from Steam, I open the options, and configure the graphics to the first graphics adapter and change the video to 1920×1080, save that, but when I start the game it just throws up an error message: “”Failed to initialize renderer. Your display doesn’t support the selected resolution. Please set a different resolution in Fallout: New Vegas’s Launcher under ‘Display Settings’.” That happens with or without sajittarius’s display scaling change.

    I did also try it in portrait mode — with that, and selecting 1080×810 in the game options config, the game did launch, and I got a 3d view with positional tracking… but it was sideways.

    Any suggestions? I’m happy to provide more info on my setup if needed.


    Oh, and Skyrim works just fine with my config.


    Try the following ini-tweak:

    In your FalloutPrefs.ini change the line iAdatper=0 to iAdapter=1 .

    With the DK2 configured as secondary display this worked for me in Fallout 3 but not in Fallout NV.


    yea, sorry guys.. i swear i had it working, but I’m trying to run Fallout NV today and its giving me the same error (resolution not supported).

    Its like windows switches to cloning the displays instead of keeping them separate. Not sure why…


    ok so i went through all the settings and it appears to be working now…
    I’m using a Samsung monitor and the Rift. Here are the things i tried (might help in improving vorpx handling in the future?):

    Rift as main display
    Fallout launcher set to second GTX670 (meaning 2nd display, same as iAdapter=1)
    Vorpx set to ‘show only on Rift’
    game displays on Samsung Monitor, vorpx menu appears in game, head tracking works (just displaying on wrong screen)

    samsung as main display
    fallout launcher set to second display
    vorpx set to ‘show only on Rift’
    game displays on Rift, no vorpx menu, no head tracking

    Samsung as main display
    Fallout launcher set to second display
    vorpx set to ‘show only on Samsung’
    game displays on Rift, everything works…

    So it looks like Win8 or 8.1 is reporting primary and second display differently and Vorpx is using the wrong one?

    Side note: once i got everything working Firefox and IE start crashing on open. I think its a problem with Flash player, I even put in exceptions for the flash plugin exes. The only thing that seems to work is completely disabling the plugin in the browser.


    actually, disabling flash didnt work. I had to actually go into task manager and stop Vorpx Control for Firefox/IE to work.

    I just restarted Vorpx Control and now fallout is complaining about the resolution, so im guessing it rechecked which screen is main/secondary. Ill let you know once i get it working again, lol.


    ok i just got it working again with this:

    samsung as main display
    fallout launcher set to second GTX670 (still iAdapter=1)
    vorpx set to ‘show only on Rift’ (was ‘show only on Samsung’ before)

    so basically the same thing that worked before except i changed the monitor vorpx should use.


    I’m having a terrible time with Star Citizen.

    Win 8.1 and it’s simply not working.

    Any help would be appreciated as this is the only game on my PC I can’t play now.


    I also am using Win 8.1 and cannot get Star Citizen working with this PC. I have tried the combinations that Sajittarius tried for Fallout, but I still cannot get headtracking to work or the vorpx menu to show up. All I can get is the display working. Any help would be greatly appreciated by leadf00t and I.

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