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    vorpX 0.9.1 has been released.

    For more information please click here.

    If you already own vorpX, it should auto-update when you start vorpX Control next time. If it doesn’t for some reason, simply use the web installer that you received when you purchased vorpX. It will download the latest version available.

    Please note that the update may fail if you already have the Oculus runtime 0.7 or 0.8 installed. Your current vorpX version doesn’t get far enough to check for the update when you try to start it in this case.

    Workaround 1: Use your web installer to install vorpX 0.9 manually.
    Workaround 2: Temporarily go back to the Oculus runtime 0.5/0.6 (you might also have to install a graphics driver that was released before the Oculus runtime 0.7). This will allow vorpX 0.81 to launch completely and check for/install the update. Afterwards you can reinstall the runtime 0.7/0.8.


    Hi Ralf, have you fixed the eye swap issue on the DK1 at all? or will you be abandoning the DK1 completely?


    Honestly can’t tell. Chased the issue for more than a day without finding the cause. I’ll take another look at it later, but can’t promise anything. Noone will ever use a DK1 again in just a few months from now when the CV1 comes out, so it just doesn’t make sense to spend too much time hunting down this issue.


    That’s a shame :( Guess will have to uninstall and wait til next year til I can get the CV1.

    Thanks for your help though.


    I have tested and confirmed that ESO is definitely hooking again. In fact, performance is better than ever! i am running radeon r290 on an i7 with 16gb ram. I can run ESO in vorpx with settings on Ultra and a barely lose frames, almost never dropped below 60fps in an outdoor area.

    WELL done VorpX!

    thx Ralf!


    Was there no attention to the issues preventing anyone using rFactor2 with vorpX?


    Hi Ralf!
    What is the minimum requirements for vorpx 0.9/0.9.1?
    I mean runtime ver. and direct/extended mode?
    I use o.5.0.1 and extended display, but I can’t make new vopx version work. Old one (0.8.1) worked just perfect.
    Thank you for answer.


    I believe you need sdk 0.7 or higher, extended mode is no longer supported.


    Can someone tell me how to update ?
    When i turn off my antivrius (norton360) it updates , rollsback, and than nothing no new version. And when i click on the link provided when i purchased vorpx I get this:


    The order has expired as of Sat Nov 14 01:33:16 2015.

    If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service


    Is the project died ? No update since few months…


    It’s hardly 2.5 months since the last version which brought major new features, main developer (me) is posting here almost every day… In which way does this look dead?

    There *may* be another vorpX update before the Rift CV1 is released, but that hasn’t been decided yet.


    You have to spoon feed some people Ralf.
    Keep up the Great work


    mario Polizzi

    salve ragazzi ho un problema ho formattato il pc.
    adesso vado per installare vorpx.
    E mi sono accorto che e cambiato il request code?-.-
    cosa mi suggerite di fare ,grazie mille =(=(=(

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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