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    Very glad to see Generic mode in vorpX 17. Now vorpx compatible with smartphone VR.

    VorpX 17 + Moonlight + 4k smartphone + Homido = 4k 60 fps picture

    I have Sony Z5 Premium with 4k and picture much better then oculus and vive. I think its like Pimax 4k. So clear and detailed.

    Have only 2 small problems:

    1) No settings for move picture Up and Down. IPD only changeble Left-Right.

    2) Chromatic Aberation ENABLED by default. Every game i must DISABLE it. I test it in Oculus and Vive and every time i must DISABLE Chromatic Aberation too.


    Why would you want to move the picture up and down? Normally you should be able to adjust the vertical position “in hardware” by adjusting the fit of your cardboard on your face if the image isn’t centered.

    The chromatic aberration setting is actually chromatic aberration correction. Almost all lenses introduce CA while magnifying the image. The setting in vorpX is there to counteract this unwanted lens artifact. For the best image quality it should not be turned off, instead adjust the read/blue offsets for your particular cardboard lens until there is no more (or only very little) color fringing left.

    In case any Oculus/Vive owner wonders where to find this setting: it’s not available for your headsets since your headset runtime/driver does CA correction automatically instead of vorpX.

    Sergio Poletti

    Do I understand correctly ? Was you able to work woth VorpX 17 + Moonlight + 4k smartphone + Homido = 4k 60 fps picture ?

    Which PC and display configuration do you used ? (4k PC display is mandatory ?)
    Which smartphone do you used ?
    Which network configuration do you used ?


    I have 4k display.
    But with Nvidia DSR – its not mandatory. At fullhd + DSR 4.00x factor = some effect like 4k display. Nvidia Shield driver must be v3.0 minimum. Driver get picture not from display. When dsr 4.00x factor when translate 4k picture.


    Only 1 phone with 4k display in the world SONY Z5 Premium ( new version XZ Premium ).


    Moonlight ( Free Android programm ) + Usb 3.0 connection. Moonlight work only with Nvidia cards.
    Moonlight settings – 4k 60 fps and 100 mbps bitrate.


    I also have a z5 premium had it since launch barely any cardboard vr app worked correctly in 4k I remember they used to appear two tiny screeens at the bottom of you 4k phone display have however the odd one or two games did work and this looked fantastic.

    I still have the phone but I also have a psvr is it worth me setting up the phone vr to see how it Compares? Also does it support 4k in general or do I have to change the z5 premium screen res to run 4k all the time?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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