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    vorpX 19.2.2 will be released towards the end of next week, probably July 19. While this is just a maintenance release it will come with a few noteworthy changes:

    • SteamVR input redone. Now uses the (not so) new VRInput() system.
    • Valve Index controller support
    • Oculus Touch support in SteamVR mode
    • Fallout 76 Geometry 3D fixed (doesn’t work currently with the most recent game version).
    • Correct hand/weapon scale for Skyrim/Skyrim SE
    • Positional tracking improvements (thanks to Lathander for insisting that something may not be quite right under some circumstances)
    • Unity 5 base profile fixed.
    • Various other profile fixes.


    Hi Ralf , I think I speak for all of us thanks for the efforts keep on doing !!



    Yes, thanks Ralf for the heads-up and the quick fixes lately.



    Thanks, Great Support





    Thank you Ralf. Looking forward to trying Skyrim SE out again.



    Thanks for adding the Oculus Controller SteamVR support. VorpX via Quest is heavenly. Praise Be.


    What does Steam VR input redone mean? One of the best things about Vorpx is the controller mapping capability, which also happens to be one of the worst things about SteamVR…



    Nothing to worry about. The old SteamVR input API only really supported Vive wands, they deprecated it a while ago in favor of their new, more flexible VRInput() system. Hence the part of vorpX that used the old API had to be rewritten to allow full Index controller support.

    I did the wrestling with the SteamVR mapping, the only changes you will notice are for the better, i.e. support for more controller types. You can still map the controllers in vorpX like before. Also all existing setups still work and are fully interchangeable between controller types as far as possible.


    Thanks that’s a relief! I’m very sensitive to the controller mapping, lol.
    I haven’t used the Oculus controllers but seems like it would be awesome if you could map the stick direction to buttons. Sort of like the way it works with the Vive controllers.

    Might be awesome for certain games where you could use it like dual arcade sticks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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