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    vorpX 20.2.0 will be out on April 23 30, 2020.

    For the most part this release focuses on internal rewrites, so ideally you won’t notice much of a difference after updating. Fingers crossed, rewriting core components that affect pretty much everything is always somewhat dangerous. There also have been a few smaller functional additions though. Full changelog below.

    The remaining time until release will mostly be spent on finalizing a bunch of additional profiles.


    • D3D9/10/11: major, future proof rewrite of vorpX’s internal rendering code, mainly to get rid of a helper library that isn’t available for DX12 anymore.
    • OpenGL: major G3D rewrite: less glitches, 30%-200% better performance. Still fixed function only!
    • OpenGL: now works with ‘Generic 3D-Display’ and ‘Generic VR Headset’
    • DirectVR: improved resolution calculation, more consistent between devices.
    • DirectVR: new memory scanner apply method for extended game support.
    • Config app: profile comments shown as tooltip in local profiles list if available.
    • Game settings changed by vorpX are now automatically reset on uninstall and factory reset. Prior this had to be done manually per game as an extra step.


    • DX9 font rendering could fail if initialized with an invalid render target size.
    • OpenGL: changing a game’s resolution could cause a crash to desktop.
    • DirectVR: memory scan FOV/head tracking was unintentionally applied for ‘Generic 3D-Display’.
    • Fixed a general hooking issue that could cause occasional start crashes with some games.
    • Fixed an exception related to blend meshes (e.g. animated hands) loaded by the new asynchronous resource loader.
    • Ini values weren’t read/written correctly in conjunction with some localization methods (Dolphin)
    • ImageZoom value was not reset when resetting a profile to default
    • Config app: help texts were displayed too small on high DPI monitors.

    New Game Profiles

    • The Sims 4: G3D, Cinema Mode, 3D-HUD
    • The Suicide of Rachel Foster: G3D
    • Wolcen: G3D, Cinema Mode, 3D-HUD
    • Ori and the Will of the Whisps: G3D, Cinema Mode, 3D-HUD
    • Dolphin Emulator: Cinema Mode, native SBS 3D
    • About half a dozen more profiles that aren’t finished yet.

    Game Profile Changes/Fixes*

    • World of WarCraft: Automatically setting the graphics API didn’t work anymore.
    • World of WarCraft: G3D did not work anymore with WoW patch 8.3.
    • Monster Hunter World: HUD redefined for latest game version.
    • Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed: pos tracking unlocked, some fixes
    • Quake III: DirectVR FOV scan did not work anymore
    • D2X-XL: default changed to immersive screen instead of cinema
    • Elder Scroll Online: G3D redone for latest game version

    * some of these were already included in the last profile database update.


    Many thanks for this Ralf, I’ve been waiting eagerly to play Sims 4 in G3D, this will be awesome


    i love how you keep fixing stuff, improving, recoding, making vorpx even more future proof while also adding profiles on a regular basis, thank you so much Ralf, you’re my hero :)


    I better be finishing Jedi: Fallen Order before something breaks with the update. :)

    Joking aside, i appreciate everything that makes VorpX better. It’s my Nr.1 gaming tool/driver.


    Just wanted to say Thank You, Ralf. The work you put into this is beyond what I could have ever hoped for when I bought my key back during DK2 days (pretty sure it was a decision between you and Tridef and literally best call in gaming platform I ever made)

    I havent been a total lifesucker tho – I did get 2 friends to buy Vorpx when they got their headsets, so im working for ya, bud :P

    Seriously though – thank you so much for making this not just a WORTHWHILE product – but literally the best gaming complimentary software i have ever owned. You utterly have changed certain games for me (i got to play dark souls 3 and sekiro in 1st person 3d!!!! You did that!)

    So thank you so much for your work and time and honestly.. I wouldnt blame you for slowing down tomorrow; at the same time, I will take every update with a smile on my face, a thumbs up to you, sir – and, I will continue to try to convince friends of the quality of your product.

    Thanks again! Hope you and your family are well with everything going on


    Great job Ralf! Just started playing ESO and you just revamped the G3D, are you a mind reader or something!? Might’ve been the reason i didn’t like the way it looked and went for Z3D, time to test it again!


    The best supported product out there. And all the new profiles and updates keep things fresh! VorpX is about as ass-kicking a tool as you could possibly imagine. Keep up the good work! I’ll never stop singing its praises to any VR person I meet.


    I have to move back the update one week to April, 30. Better safe than sorry.

    While creating a profile for Resident Evil 3 a fairly hard to debug issue popped up that has severe potential to break a whole bunch of games if it also affects other titles. Long story short: I decided to investigate this more thoroughly, with only one day left until the planned release that unfortunately will lead to a delay.


    Sims 4 in G3Z ! Amazing mates ! Fucking love that game and now it has 1st person view and with mods you can add WSAD control over your sim.

    Monster Hunter World. I tried it today but it doesn’t seem to work at all. It doesn’t want to attach. It worked previously like 2-3 months ago because i played it in VR without an issue. Hopefully latest update will fix it. Capcom i think disabled DLL injection which is probably the cause. I hope it will work.


    it’s ok Ralf, just release it when “it’s done” ;)


    Fantastic news, thanks a lot for your hard work Ralf.


    Can’t wait for Sims 4 in G3D !!! My cousin will shit her pants when i will show it to her !


    Today is the day. Or is it :> ?


    99%. Going through the last batch of test games right now. So far all looks good.


    Thanks RALF. As i said my younger sister will shit her pants when i show her Sims in VR. Also what is 3D-HUD ? Did you manage to bend 2D ui layer on 3D space ? It would be amazing if that was the case.

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