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    I’m loving the improvements to the desktop viewer in the beta version of Vorpx. The performance is improved a lot and it’s able to simulate a virtual monitor that can have it’s aspect ratio changed to whatever you want.

    I’ve been playing The Crew Motorfest using a super-ultrawide virtual monitor. I have disabled the curved display since that actually causes the view to look very distorted. I’ve got the virtual monitor the right size for the FOV of the game and it’s pretty immersive.

    The main problem I am having, though, is that you have major diminishing returns when you increase the width of the monitor. I want to have a near 180 degree FOV, but that is impossible unless I make the monitor curved which introduces significant distortion to the image.

    If Vorpx would support a virtual triple monitor setup, I think there is a possibility of having a much wider FOV. That is, if the game supports rendering a separate camera per view rather than treating a triple as a single monitor. This could allow for a FOV greater than 180 degrees potentially.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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