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    I like Vorpx .9 thus far (first day using it). The virtual theater looks stunning. No luck getting 3d movies (mkv) to play in stereoscopic 3d though. Videos appear as left/right image. Tried the recommendations… latest VLC, nightly MPC… MPC-HC disables the head-tracking and oculus display as soon as i run it. When I close mpc, vorpx virtual theater returns along with head-tracking. VLC displays the video in virtual theater but not in stereoscopic and the VLC menu is not available. Also can’t bring up the vorpx options when video is playing.

    For games I tried so far:

    I used the vorpx game optimisations for each game I tried but the FOV still looks way too zoomed in on each game. Alv-V or F11 don’t do anything for respective games.


    Not sure about your MPC issue, normally it should be displayed in the virtual cinema. Did you apply the Game Optimizer setting for MPC? It selects a suitable video renderer. If that fails, select “EVR (custom preset)” manually in the MPC options.

    For 3D videos you have to select the content type on the image page of the vorpX ingame menu. You can choose between mono, sbs and over/under, and also swap left/right if necessary.

    If auto setting the FOV fails for some reason, you may have to resort to doing it manually. For many games googling for “fov game name” yields short tutorials. And if there is no way at all for a game, you might have to resort to one of the workarounds that vorpX provides. Please check the Essential Game Hints in the vorpX help for details.


    Thanks for reply Ralf,

    MPC did display once in vorpx when I went to MPC video menu and changed to DX setting but then when I brought up the options menu on the cinema it crashed. I have used the game optimizer for MPC and VLC and will keep trying.

    It’s early days yet so I will keep optimise the FOV for the various games. I like the way Vorpx works. It certainly opens up a lot more games for Oculus. I think Vorpx is very well designed.



    Got MPC-HC displaying in 3d with vorpx now. It wasn’t crashing – whenever I bring up the in-game menu (DEL) it pauses the video (I thought the pause was video crash). Videos look amazing in 3d on the virtual cinema.

    I got the FOV to increase in Dishonored with F4.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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