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    Hello guys. Yesterday i bought a Vorpx. At first i want to apologize for my english because its not so good but i will try.

    Already i dont know anything. I got htc vive and yesterday i want to play outlast 2 in “FIRST PERSON” i installed vorpx , tried to launch couple of time outlast 2 with vorp x. When it launch i have a window close to my eyes and any of hotkeys dont work. Only shift + scroll. No ingame vorpx menu or something.

    Well i thought i must try another game. I launch Cs:go , elder scrolls online and always screen was blinking in white and i wasnt able to do anything.

    Well i’ll be very glad if anyone will try to “introduce” me to this program because i really wan’t to learn how it works and make some progress with it.

    Im a quite smartass so just tell me what shoulda i know EVERYTHING about Vorpx and i will listen to you.

    Thank you very much.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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