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    I’m looking into modding Fallout New Vegas, and of course i can’t imagine playing that without ENB. Those atrocious graphics (especially the lighting) need fixing, IMO, to be enjoyable.

    What’s the situation ATM regarding ENB? Does it work? Does it need some kind of proxying? If i remember correctly, ENB for older DX games came with 2 different methods of hacking into the game (injecting vs. wrapping).

    I’d appreciate some help on this topic.


    The injector version *might* work, but there is no guarantee. May be worth to try it with both regular and alternative hooking. Possible that one works better with the ENB injector than the other.

    Fallout NV is a good way to experience vorpX’s full potential BTW. The profile pretty much has everything vorpX can offer in the best case, even basic roomscale support. Make sure to start with an unmodded game and add mods one by one later. Some mods may break certain DirectVR features.


    Cool, i’ll try that out. Worst case i’ll just use nVidia driver level ambient occlusion to give the bland geometry a bit more realism and depth.

    Didn’t know that FO:NV runs that well with VorpX. It certainly makes me wanna play it even more now. :)

    Thanks for the infos.

    PS: Gotta be careful with the alternative hooking. Recently discovered that i forgot it “on” and the VorpDesktop didn’t work anymore. (Not that i use it much anyway – turns out the Oculus one works well enough for my needs and is easier to access…)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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