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    I have a Durovis Dive VR headset and Moga Pro game controller. The Android & PC app Kainy already lets me stream PC games to my Samsung Galaxy S3 but I would very much like to stream VorpX enabled SBS 3D content, as a low-cost wireless 3D gaming solution.

    Unfortunately there is no demo version of VorpX to test this so I’m asking users and especially VorpX developers whether it will work via Kainy. I already understand there are precautions against use of VorpX and Splashtop but Kainy appears to capture screen data at a later state in the video chain so I’m not looking for the standard canned response.

    Can someone confirm if VorpX been tested and works or does not work with Kainy? If the latter is true then getting it to work, or even better, adding native VorpX streaming and smartphone accelerometer support would represent a massive increase in customer base; as the cost of entry becomes only a PC, smartphone, and Durovis/vrAse adapter.


    And people think I’m a nerd good luck with that shit. Wish I had an answer for you I’m still waiting for DayZ Standalone support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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