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    former vorpx experience.
    Hi first i dont want to insult or complain the developer of voprx. Vorpx is outstanding in all features and vr experience to all competitors i tried so far. Just to name vireio,tridef.
    One thing must be clear though voprx will not be superior to native vr games.
    Vorpx will be superior to games not specifically designed for vr.
    This is true and will be true for almost all games developed for the last 10 year or even earlier.
    Vorpx is a pioneer that has brought us the fun to play games in a different manner.
    The 3d experience , specially G3D is one of the best one can have playing games with an immersion that a flat image cant provide.
    A game in G3D is just , cool.
    Here i now come to the point where i am a bit disappointed with vorpx lately.
    I can call me a early adopter of vr software, since i am playing this kind of games, starting in the early days with nvidia 3d gargles and later 3d play followed by dk1 and now cv1. So i went throug all the hypes and failes.
    Voprx is the means of choice for playing non native vr games, no doubt.
    One thing that bothers me is that voprx development is more into cosmetics and simplifying the process of vr injection for all kind of users. And that exactly is the point where i disagree. From a point of marketing this i undoubtfull the way a busines had to head to. Taking this into account, the time for creating new profiles will be cut on behalf of userinterface and cosmetics. For me G3D profiles are more valuable than the obove mentioned. I see vorpx strenght to be able to play existing non vr intended games on my headset and this is true for existing non vr games ,and that might not change in the future, because the games industrie is alreday developing new games for vr and thus voprx is not needed for those new kind of games. Vorpx need to concentrate on profiles imo.
    As said in the beginning no better vr software out there and heads up for Ralph….


    There is no either-this-or-that in regard to new and old users. Both groups have to be considered, and I think the latest update did exactly that.

    For those who are new to vorpX things got a lot easier for a lot of games. What may be trivial for you, could look like a major hurdle to a new user. This had to be addressed for more games and it was by unifying the prior Game Settings Optimizer and Direct VR, which is not a ‘cosmetic’ change. It is a long overdue and quite fundamental improvement touching the very core of vorpX in many ways.

    You can still do everything manually, but instead of new users having to learn how to use certain features, they now “just happen” and experienced users have to disable them if they want more manual control, which makes a lot more sense than doing it the other way around.

    There also are new profiles for users like you waiting for something new to play with, also G3D was added to quite a few existing profiles, so I think it’s safe to say that existing users have been considered just as well as new users. What you should take into account is that 3D graphics 2017 are a lot more complex than 3D graphics were 2007, so what kind of 3D is possible depends a lot more on an individual game than it did in the past. Not even nVidia has G3D for every new game anymore in their stereo drivers.

    TLDR: interests of existing and new users have both been taken into account with this release. That is how it has to be done, and that is how it will be done in the future too.


    I’ve actually been very happy with profile support. Sure, as a user, I’ll always be wanting more, but I think its been pretty reasonable so far. Was pleasantly surprised to have Dishonored 2 and Outlast 2 included this release. It actually included more things than I was expecting given that this release was mostly focused on ease of use.


    To chime in on present vorpx…Ralf (a single person doing all aspects of vorpx…as far as I know) has made it very easy for anyone to use his program on many of the past PC games and also some of the latest ones. Any user can now take what ever vorpx auto settings and experiment further to try to squeeze more performance out of their system (provided they have the overhead). They already have a perfect starting point with the latest release. It’s as easy as remembering what auto settings are applied for a particular game, then turn off vorpx control and apply those settings in whatever games own graphics settings, then begin to push things more through tweaking. If things get screwed up, it’s as easy as going to voprx config and resetting to default.

    I do say though, for G3D, the vorpx auto settings will probably provide the best experience for the average person…and trying to push things further in G3D will most likely not provide an any better experience (even with the overhead available) based on experience. Z-buffer settings is where one can really get a substantial increase from tweaking due to the simple fact that it doesn’t already cut ones performance in half (things just don’t look as good in z-buffer though…but given a bit of time using it, you get use to it). Skyrim is a great example of what I am describing. Check out my prior posts (my profile) on running Skyrim at extreme resolutions. Other games do not run as well as Skyrim when tweaking to the level that pushes the fastest systems to the limit. Half life 2 series is another great example of being able to push things to the extreme on fast systems. I have HL2 running on my system at 4:3 4k, G3D, 8x AA, ultra settings, fluid sync=off, running rock solid 90fps. It looks visually like it was designed for VR at that res…but without actual VR controls (if you know what I mean).

    Anyway, getting back to the post. Vorpx is still the same vorpx…it’s just more streamlined (which you already know)…and for the average person, that is what counts. It still has all the same tweaking ability as before…you just have to turn off 2 or 3 things (vorpx in game menu) for full control. As a long time user myself…I don’t see what there is to complain about (not trying to be offensive here). Also, providing G3D profiles isn’t always possible due to the way some games are designed. If it was easy, then we would have G3D profiles for every game. For what Vorpx presently does, it’s a feat in itself.



    You can still do everything manually, but instead of new users having to learn how to use certain features, they now “just happen” and experienced users have to disable them if they want more manual control, which makes a lot more sense than doing it the other way around.

    That sounds perfect …

    I’m an skilled user normally, but I expend so many hours using my skills at work, when I arrive home, I just want play games.

    With this new aproach, it’s much more apealing for many people, in forums I read often people complain about being difficult to use.

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