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    Because Microsoft is Microsoft, they’ve made the file system handling for their Microsoft Store/Xbox for PC games extremely locked down and cryptic. Local administrators don’t even have permission to READ the files and if you take ownership, the games stop working. Because of this, I had little hope of VorpX working, but decided to try anyway.

    Lo and behold, it works… sometimes. I decided to test games with official local profiles, but since you can’t add processes/files to the official profiles, I had to make a copy of each profile and add the process to the copy while the game was running. (Adding files doesn’t work because you, the owner of your computer, don’t have permission to access the files on it that are installed using the Microsoft Store.)

    FALLOUT 76
    Works 100%. VorpX seems to detect it correctly and both Geometry 3D and Z3D work. Process name is “Project76_GamePass.exe”.

    Doesn’t work. I’ve tried the alternative hooking method and running VorpX as admin. VorpX just doesn’t detect it. Process name is “Ori And The Blind Forest Definitive Edition.exe”, but it’s a suspiciously small exe file.

    Semi-works. I’m using Paradise Decay’s profile and I’ve tested it on the Steam version, where it works pretty well. VorpX detects the Xbox Game Pass version and I’m able to play it on immersive screen, but 3D doesn’t work. Geometry is not available and Z3D is no different from 2D. Process name is “FSD-WinGDK-Shipping.exe”.

    I’ll test a few more games. Any requests?


    I got What Remains of Edith Finch to work with no problem. Seemed to work just like any Steam game. Is excellent in vorpx. But, yeah, to change the resolution of the game (nothing to do with vorpx), I had to get inside the stupid protected files to find the gamesettings.ini file which was a pain.


    I wouldn’t be buying from big brother, but that’s just me.


    I hear you, but I’m enjoying my $1 to play a whole host of games for my first month (after which, I’ll probably cancel since it is a limited library and EA isn’t included on PC). Gears 5 was a blast (just did pancake mode), just finished Edith Finch (awesome in vorpx), and on to Darksiders Genesis (which appears should work and allegedly look great in vorpx). The Game Pass even at $10/mo after first month is a pretty amazing deal despite encouraging The Man to keep us down.


    I see that some games do not give any 3d neither. Remnant from the ashes and dishonored 2 both just get shown in immersive screen without any 3d options available.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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