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    Hopefully a quick question:

    I have been successfully doing stereoscopic gaming for many years now using AMD cards and TriDef (went AMD for several reasons, including not wanting to be locked-into NVidia’s proprietary stereoscopic hardware and a much sharper post-processing AA option). I run Frame Packing 720p or SBS 1080p on both a 720p DLP and a Sony Playstation 3D display. Games include DAO, Fallout 3/NV, AC, Project Cars, DAI, Skyrim Etc. Etc.

    However, TriDef is now in some sort of financial trouble and new profiles and support for new games is lagging. Fallout 4, which I very much wish to play in stereoscopic mode only works in their “power 3D” mode which is a fake-3D (I understand Vorpx offers a similar feature), which I just can’t tolerate, but not their true 3D mode.

    How does Vorpx play with non OR / Vibe configurations? If it is just a stereoscopic injector like Tri-Def, but with some added head-tracking and other features it will probably work just fine for all of us long-time stereoscopic gamers out there. If it specifically looks for OR / Vibe hardware then it’s not going to work at all.

    Anyone here have experience with Vorpx and traditional stereoscopic gaming configurations? Does it work?

    Thanks! (And yes, I did google, and I did email Vorpx support directly. No info I could find, and Vorpx support never got back to me…)


    vorpX is solely focused on VR. While stereo 3d for monitors would be possible technically, this is not something that is on the roadmap currently. Sorry.


    Wow, thanks for the very fast reply.

    You should consider supporting traditional stereoscopic hardware. I realize your focus is on VR, but there is actually a huge stereoscopic gaming community already in existence that you could almost instantly tap-into…

    What exactly is preventing Vorpx from working on existing stereoscopic hardware? If it’s just a hardware check for OR / Vibe hardware, consider turning that check off and posting a demo version. Many of us would be happy to play with Vorpx and provide feedback…


    I bought this program to support vive development, but my vive comes in June. I also use tridef on my 3D display. I can’t test it until Monday, but I can give it a shot to see if it works on Monday.



    I would be very interested to hear what comes of that. Thanks for being willing to give it a try!


    Just a thought: Occulus rift does some image distortion to make the images look proper through the lenses. So the image is stereo with some additional image distortion that may not look proper on a flat 3D display.


    I just wanted to add a +1 to the thought of 3DTV support. It’s not a must for me (I purchased for the vive) but I would certainly use it to output AMD->3DTV. The 3D scene for AMD seems close to dead, to the point I decided it wasn’t worth trying with my AMD card, if I wanted to get it to work I’d buy an nvidia (3dtv play works fine on my nvidia rig I push the vive with).

    I know it’s not on the roadmap, but if you stumbled upon an easy way to integrate that, it would open up a market that’s currently not being serviced.


    I tried it out and it will not work without a HMD. I tried loading Left 4 Dead 2 with it and it gave me an error (no head mount detected, please verify it’s plugged in). So there you have, it will not replace tridef at the moment.


    Thanks for being willing to give this a try. I appreciate it (I’m sure others will also).

    Note to devs: It sounds like your software already performs exactly the same functions as TriDef (and some others, including at least one open-source project), but as I guessed, makes a hardware-check for an HMD.

    Why not support the considerable existing market? More market = more sales (plus, if I’m already familiar with Vorpx I’ll be more likely to purchase it when I do move to an HMD. That will probably happen, but considering I already own 2 different stereoscopic gaming displays that I’ve been using for years, I’m not going to be jumping into the HMD market until it shakes out for a few years.)

    It sounds like Vorpx needs very, very little work to support existing displays; just give people the option to turn off the hardware check for and HMD and start checking it out!


    I second this! I’d love to try out VorpX as an alternative to TriDef for my passive 3D monitor.

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