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    Recently I recognized that I play now about 80% of my VR time using Vorpx. Reason is that many old games work well with it and the native VR game scene seems to be almmost dead.

    But we hear and read everywhere how important VR technology is and will be. Recently from Zuckerberg, those days from Sony about their VR2 system. Sony announces a very attractive system and supports almost no software.

    So would it be possible that Vorpx or some derivate from it will be used by developers to create a VR version of almost every game? So when a game comes on the market, they could for most games just create a VR version and sell it with the game. People can chose then whether to play those games on screen or with VR glasses.

    I wonder whether it would be possible to port Vorpx to PS5? Does anyone know about this?


    The most big Publisher and Studios say, that they are only interested in the development of Games like Half Live Alyx, which are specially designed for VR and don’t work on PC Monitors or TVs. But there are not enough customers until now to develop such games with a AAA Budget.

    But Sony announces that they will develop Hybrid Games of their PS5 Exclusives with the PSVR2. I guess that the same game will have full motion Controller support in VR and is simultaneously a regular Game on TV. I guess you don’t have to buy even a extra VR Version, because it is a Hybrid Game for TV and VR both. In my opinion Sony is going to support the Hybrid Games even on Handhelds via Game Streaming, and then the Sony Games can be played anywhere. Hybrid Versions of The Last of us 3, Uncharted 5 and Horizon 3 could be a Gamechanger, if they will be a financial success. And Meta and other could think again, if they will come back to PCVR. But that are only speculations by myself, Sony didn’t say anything detailed as they announced Hybrid Games.


    i play always in vr via vorpx, with keyboard and mouse…


    That hybrid support is exactly what I hope for. To develop VR only games is risky because of the smaller market, but when a game only gets an extension for VR than we will see AAA games going hybrid. The Last of Us, Assassins Creed etc. could be just great with VR support. Maybe even FIFA soccer can work with it, but of course still with normal controller.


    The native VR scene seems to be very much alive. My VR time is also almost entirely vorpX, but we are sadly somewhat of a niche. I’m still subscribed to various VR youtubers and there are a lot of new native games coming out all the time.

    Anyway for the question itself, vorpX has an API for game developers so on PC it is already possible. I don’t know of any game that uses it though, and what would be the licensing options (i.e. whether a game could bundle core vorpX functionality).

    As for PlayStation there are two problems. One is that PS has its own rendering and VR APIs so a lot of work would be needed for a port. The second problem is PS is a locked system, it’s not possible to develop an app that hooks into games. So the only way for vorpX to be viable is for developers to adopt it as a library (which hasn’t really worked out on PC).

    I guess there would also be an upside, not for vorpX but for hybrid games. A locked system also means Sony has a lot of control. They could implement their own VR screen feature and even push developers to fix any issues.

    This topic comes up every now and then on forms here. Playing games on a VR screen seems like a missed opportunity. For many games it adds a lot to the experience, for relatively little effort, but for some reason it’s not gaining a lot of traction among developers and VR users.


    Lots of VR native games sure, but 99% indie.. not that that’s bad, but you know.. not going to sell a lot of headsets. I also spend about 95%+ of my vr time in vorpX


    I do not like the native scene. Most of the games are experimental and last 2-3 hours. Just now I play Dishonored 2 and Jedi Fallen Order with VorPx, those are top games and I want to play good games.

    Also many games are designed for the Quest, and there are many casual gamers.

    Concerning PS5: since this is a closed system, does anybody know whether Sony delivers some suppoert for developers who want to make their games hybrid? If they dont do we will simply not see many hybrid games.

    Also I hope for some remakes on the PS5 for VR. They do all kind of remakes for the last of us or GTA 5, a version for PSVR 2 would be appreciated.

    As I said I think hybrid gaming is the future, native games will never be really successful.



    Me too.

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