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    So I bought VorpX a long, long time ago and never really used it much due to the difficulty involved with all the tweaking, but with the new update that eases a lot of that pain I wanted to give it another shot.

    I know running games through VorpX is intensive but I wasn’t expecting this. My CPU is an i5 3570k OC’d to 4.2Ghz and I was getting 23FPS in Skyrim with geometry 3D. I noticed my CPU was pegged at 100% usage which wasn’t too strange, but when I quit the game almost immediately (because let’s face it 23FPS sucks) I noticed VorpX control was still using CPU… a LOT of CPU.

    Is it normal for VorpX by itself, with no game running, to use 60% of a 4.2Ghz quad core processor? Everything else on my PC was using ~1% or less, and as you can see this leaves less than 10% for the game I want to run. Now how in the world am I going to get decent FPS with that?

    Assuming this is normal and expected usage, is VorpX multithreaded and would buying one of the faster Ryzen processors fix this? I was thinking I could set the affinity to VorpX for a few threads on the Ryzen still leaving plenty to play games.

    As it stands now, I basically can’t do anything with this.


    Sounds like a virus scanner issue, normally the watcher shouldn’t use more than a few percent of your CPU. Try to exclude the vorpX program folder from your AV scanner or ideally use Windows Defender, which shouldn’t cause such issues.

    BTW: the watcher goes into a pause state when vorpX hooks into a game, so provided everyhing works as it should, the CPU is fully available for games.

    Unrelated, but also useful:

    If possible use the original DX9 Skyrim, performs better with vorpX and is also the better choice for various other reasons.

    If you have to use the Special Edition, set graphics settings to medium. Doesn’t really look worse, but is a lot faster.


    Disabling the HIPS feature of my AV fixed the CPU usage, and then it started falling off in game as well. This was enough for 43 FPS which is close to acceptable, but I went ahead and ordered the 8700k today anyway. Thanks for the help Ralf.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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