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    Hey guys. I am using VorpX after about 1 year break and nothing works as expected. I try Elder Scrolls Online, it doesn’t hook with OpenXR, needs SteamVR. This works but horrible graphic glitches / bugs / texture errors. I tried Portal, flickering, very low resolutions, screen jumping around, message box “try 4:3 resolution to avoid flickering”, I try 4:3 but same, my weapon is jumping around, textures flickering black-purple-white-black-purple-white. I try Thief 2. even though its listed as “supported” game I have no 3D at all. The game is working with my headset but I have no depth / real stereoscopic 3D at all. I try supported local profiles, I try cloud profiles, there is not a single game that works without errors / glitches / graphic bugs.

    I have HP Reverb G2. nVidia RTX 3070


    Hello, i am currently running elder scroll online with steam VR because it can’t hook with openXR. I have an error with openXR:

    “OpenXR session init failed

    This is a severe error. Make sure that OpenXR is working correctly on your pc or switch to a different vr api in the vorpx config app.”

    I did not have that issue before. In October 2021 openXR was working fine with Vorpx. I have really poor performance with steamVR api but i don’t experience any graphic glitches / bugs / texture errors.
    Maybe you can try to reinstall Vorpx, windows mixed reality and Nvidia drivers?

    My specs: Acer AH101, Nvidia RTX 2070s.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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