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    I have vorpx with my vive. I start up Vorpx, then I start up steamVR. Everything seems to be ok. But when I start up a game I get a black screen for 30 seconds followed by system reboot.

    No error message. No BSOD. Just a sudden reboot.

    Win 10 x64
    32gb ram
    htc vive
    nvidia 980 ti


    Not really sure what to recommend here, sorry. vorpX is just a “user space” program, so it can’t cause blue screens itself. At most it might trigger an issue in the graphics driver that then causes a blue screen.

    First thing you should try is updating your graphics driver to the latest version and make sure that no other programs are running that also hook into games. The trouble shooting guide in the help has a few hints in this regard.


    So not sure exactly what’s doing that but I have the same issue(had it before vorpx though…steam vr cinema did the same thing). From what I’ve found it seems to be a conflict with full screen mode on games and the way that ties in to the vorpx/vr cinema. My fix has been to set games to windowed mode before starting steamvr/vorpx, save and exit, launch steamvr/vorpx, then launch the game. I figure it’s an nvidia issue and will work itself out in a future driver update.


    Viver here.
    I have regular crashes+reboots as well.
    Sometimes I get a game in a working state with vorpx (~half of the time), but then it crashes later.
    Some observed events triggering issue:
    – portal 2 level change
    – when I try to bring up the vorpx menu (del key), this usually does the trick
    – or simply starting up game and after cutscene videos, showing game menu.

    Fwiw, I had similar crashes+reboots with Virtual Desktop, altspaceVR, and sporadically some others.

    gear: asus mobo + r9 390
    Clean radeon driver install of latest drivers + removed all the shovelware like playstv, raptor, + removed asus AI suite + removed OC tools like msi afterburner and sapphire trixx.
    No overclocks, stable temps on hardware.

    Just adding info to the pile, hope it helps.
    When vorpx it works it is pretty neat; I’m just sore I can’t get it to run stable.
    (Gorram bleeding edge tech… ;-)


    Crashes and reboots constantly here.

    Not ready for prime time. I have no issues with any other game/app than Vorpx.

    Occurs launching games. TESO, Mass Effect 3, Fallout 4. All show as supported.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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