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    I recently purchased VorpX with hopes of getting it to work with Second Life/Opensim platforms. Unfortunately, while functionality is apparent in the game’s third-person, mode, entering first person mode disables any and all 3d effect and causes a nasty graphical glitch, rendering the software practically unusable with VorpX.

    Image of the bug

    I’ve received word from other users that the same bug happens to them, meaning it is global through the latest version of VorpX ( at the time of writing) and persists through both the official Linden Labs viewer as well as the third-party Firestorm viewer.

    Additionally, according to other users, this bug was not prevalent in earlier versions of the VorpX software, apparently only happening with the latest version.

    Any help would be appreciated! I’ve already made the rounds of following the basic troubleshooting guide.


    I have also been getting this glitch, I did not have this glitch about a year ago, using the version of VorpX that was available around February of 2018.
    Pictured is the glitch, it only occurs while in mouselook mode in the program. Outside of it in third person mode it is fine, strangely.

    broken mouselook

    Third person
    third person is fine


    The game is not officially supported. You can find the list of officially supported games over here.

    You can distinguish between user profiles and official profiles by the author name in the cloud profile list. Profiles by [vorpX] are official profiles, all other profiles are made by users. Some user profile authors post about their profiles in the game settings sub-forum with additional instructions.


    Would there be a way to roll back to earlier versions of VorpX that do not have the bug? I feel somewhat cheated; having bought VorpX primarily for the Second Life platform after hearing that it was usable with it, only to be met with a bug that only persists now. I understand that there is a list of supported games; and while I get there will be varying degrees of success using VorpX with unsupported titles, being blocked by a rendering bug with no fix leaves a sour tasted in my mouth and almost makes me wish for a refund.


    The game hasn’t been advertised as being supported anywhere or anytime, so I don’t see how you might have been cheated. More importantly: there is zero chance that this issue has been introduced by vorpX, especially considering that it only occurs in first person view. As Tandin pointed out the issue started to occur for him early 2018. Try to go back to an earlier version of Second Life from before the issue started to occur if possible.

    You could also try to create your own user profile based on another OpenGL game: try Descent 2 (D2X-XL), Quake, Quake 3, Quake 4 for example. They all handle OpenGL slightly different. Maybe one solves your issue.

    I can’t recommend anything more specific unfortunately since the game never even has been checked here. Providing specific help for unsupported games for obvious reasons is not possible, sorry.

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