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    I can’t launch “configure vorpX”.
    when I right click VorpX Control’s tray in a taskbar it shows 5 options as normal:
    -Configure vorpX
    -Show Help
    -Pause Watcher
    -Create Desktop Shortcut
    Only Configure vorpX option doesn’t work, it brings up nothing when I click it (but if I click it and then press ALt;space on my keyboard it lets me move an invisible window). I use HTC vive and have latest updates.
    I installed vorpX 2 days ago and first time I clicked configure vorpX, it launched… I closed it immediately then launched a game that brought some error: “vorpx could not initialize your oculus rift. It reported: LibOVRRT signature check failure. (-30xx)” … after that I couldn’t launch Configure vorpX option. I reinstalled the program but now it doesn’t let me to launch configure vorpX from start (didn’t help me, stayed same). Then I installed dual-boot windows 10(with my old win7). “configure vorpX” button worked and I changed from oculus to vive. I again launched my old game from harddrive. it mirrored the game to the vive display but then I clicked configure vorpX and it stoped working forever again, not even mirroring the game to vive display. I reinstaled vorpX on my new windows 10 and “configure vorpX” doesn’t work from start plus “vorpx could not initialize your oculus rift. It reported: LibOVRRT signature check failure. (-30xx)” error is back (I guess becuase it reset it from vive to oculus). I factor reset windows 10 and still same from start. I reinstalled windows 10 but now register@vorpx.com doesn’t sends me the key, so I’m stuck.
    how can I troubleshoot the problem? and is there a data folder that I can delete for clean install? maybe theres some registries that can let me switch from oculus to vive.


    The main data folder is C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX.

    The ProgramData folder is hidden per default. You have to enable “Show hidden files” in your Windows Explorer to see it.

    BTW: The config app not starting may be related to a virus scanner problem. If you use anything else than Windows Defender, try to disable/uninstall it.


    I deleted “C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX” folder and reinstalled the vorpX on my old windows7 but it didn’t fix it (locked to oculus and configure doesn’t work), maybe there is something in registers too? On my 2nd version of windows10 I haven’t launched the game yet (after launching that game, vorpx stops working forever). on 2nd windows10 I launched some other game and vorpx works fine. also I don’t think it’s an antivirus becuase I launched it on a fresh install of 1st windows10(only vive and vorpx installed) and after launching a specific game in my old harddrive vorpx stoped working correctly forever until I reinstalled OS(not even factor formating helped)….

    Is there any chance of me fixing it on my old Windows7? and maybe fixing it later if it does this again on new windows10?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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