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    As of this week’s update, now when I run “Start vorpX”, I get a warning saying “vorpx Control is already running” requiring that I dismiss a dialog every time I start vorpX!

    Other observations:

    1. I re-installed from scratch to see if it helps (it doesn’t)
    2. Vorpx does not start working until after I “Start vorpX”
    3. Vorpx tray icon doesn’t show until after I “Start vorpX”
    4. No warning after I exit from the tray icon and restart

    Is this something that broke in the latest update? Is there some phantom process running on my system that I can’t see? Is vorpService doing more than it used to?


    The answer was phantom files in AppData\Local\Temp. When Windows Defender killed the process after the last update, it left behind a mess the reinstall didn’t clean up.

    There’s nothing to see here.


    Thanks! I had this same problem annoying me for a long time! I exited Vorpx and deleted all the files I could in the folder and now it starts normally. :)

    Here’s the path for anyone else who has this issue:
    C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Temp


    Actually, this is still happening to me. Deleting the vorpx directory from \Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Temp fixes the problem for the next restart, but it returns after that.

    This behavior is new for me since last update.


    Is there any ill effect besides the message being displayed? If not please simply ingore it.


    Have the same issue, even before the update.
    Now found the log file:

    INF: VorpControl: Starting (32bit, version 21.3.5).
    ERR: vorpControl: 64bit control not running, restarting.
    INF: VorpControl: Starting (64bit, version 21.3.5).
    INF: VorpControl: Starting (64bit, version 21.3.5).
    INF: vorpControl: Profile database update aborted. (local: 21.2.1|139, remote: 21.2.1|139)

    It seems that the 64Bit control takes a while to start up and is restarted too quickly.
    So maybe a small delay is needed before trying to restart?

    But yes, I always click OK and continue playing the game.


    I am a new user never having installed a previous version and get this issue too.


    With the new version 24.1.0 this issue is gone for me.


    This issue has existed for a long time. It is annoying, especially the part where it requires you to acknowledge the message with a mouse click. I’m like, “I don’t care if Vorpx was already running or not, just run it, okay?” It is not fixed in version 24.1.0.

    Whatever. It’s a minor annoyance from an otherwise fantastic product. Ralf will fix it sooner or later, or not at all. If the “not at all” option comes to fruition, just ignore it and say “Thank you Ralf for enhancing the quality of my life” over and over again until it becomes an automatic response. :)


    Really, for me it is fixed now since I installed 24.1.0.
    Using vorpx nearly daily I never had this message again.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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