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    Does anyone else use VorpX desktop viewer as their go to video player as well? If not I’d highly recommend it, I’m pretty impressed.

    DeoVR used to be my go to player, but with the settings you can play with in VorpX even though their intent is more aimed at fine tuning your video games you can get really good image quality for watching movies or shows.

    Crank up the sharpness setting and set crystal image to aggressive, then just fine tune your saturation and gamma the way you like it and I found it to be a noticeable improvement even over DeoVR which is already pretty damn good IMO!

    Also if you’re able depending on your specs, I found that in the SteamVR resolution settings DeoVr started to bog on my PC at about 230% but I can max the desktop viewer out at 500% so that helps as well.

    The only downside is there is no height adjustment, I find the screen is set much lower than I’d prefer for watching shows. I wish there was a way to manually adjust the screen, would be great to possibly see that in a future update. But I just stand up and hold my headset up above my head and reset the screen position with alt+space, then sit back down, then the screen is high enough where it’s adequate at least.


    As a big porn video game enthusiast I agree DeoVR was the best previously, so excited to hear this. How do you use the vorpx video player though I never really messed with it, I tried using it with VLC but it wouldn’t hook. What method are you using?


    Lol, I just start the desktop viewer then play a movie through VLC or MPC, I haven’t had any issues with hooking in. I have had issues sometimes with MPC & 3D movies with the 2 images being a little offset it’s like you’re watching the movie cross eyed but if that happens I just use VLC and it’s worked fine for me. Sometimes it has become unresponsive as well, but a restart of SteamVR or a reboot of the PC has usually fixed that for me.

    Not sure it this may be factor or not but do you have all your codecs up to date? Like Lav filters and the HEVC video extensions from the Microsoft store?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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