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    HI first time on this forum =D
    I set the oculus rift as the main monitor and when i look through the oculus rift the desktop is out of calibration. I would have to close one of my eyes to see one of the screen to navigate through the desktop. Once i go into the game i can calibrate so i don’t have this issue in game. Is there away fix this problem? Please HELP!


    vorpX does not work on the desktop, it only works with games. So what you see is just the normal behaviour.


    I just purchased Vorpx the other night.

    I have this same usability issue. I understand that navigating the desktop is describe as less convenient, but that doesnt really accurately the software behavior.

    If we need the software to use the DK2 (or other VR) as the main display, then in a future version of Vorpx, the desktop usability needs to be addressed. It is impossible to see the full desktop up, down left, right because things are so zoomed in. Also, the fact that the two views are overlapping so much, is exactly as the first poster describes. You must close one eye or the other, and even then you only see a portion of the desktop screen. You can’t see the taskbar, or the left hand program window. If it is steam, you can’t see your library. etc.

    Maybe an out of game setting can be implemented to zoom out, or head tracking so you can pan the windows desktop. You need the ability to the edges of the desktop screen and for the two povs to not overlap in the middle so much.

    Getting into and out of the gaming application is extremely difficult if not impossible at times because of this software limitation right now and how the extended monitors are functioning.

    If someone has good workaround so it is easier to work with the desktop, or launch / exit applications, please share. I ask humbly that the devs make this a priority in the next release also.


    You dont have to use the Rift as main display with vorpX. Most games work when using the secondary display setup described in the DK2 Setup Guide in the vorpX help:

    1. Set the Rift DK2 to “Extend Desktop to HMD”
    2. Use the Rift DK2 as SECONDARY monitor in Windows
    3. Set the Rift DK2 to “Portrait” mode in Windows
    (might be “Landscape flipped” in Windows 8)
    4. Set vorpX to “Show on DK2″ display wise in the vorpX config app.

    It is important to choose the right setting in the vorpX config app according to your display settings in Windows. It is important to choose the right setting in the vorpX config app according to your display settings in Windows.

    For a more detailed guide including screenshots please check the DK2 setup guide that comes with vorpX.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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