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    I am connecting a Quest using Oculus link. Start Vorpx from desktop, then select “Vorpx desktop” from task bar menu. This opens a new taskbar window, then many lots and lots start opening and flashing on taskbar, 100 CPU, reboot.

    I cannot get Vorpx to work with Arma 3.
    Started ARMA 3 via steam, window states Vorpx is connecting to the .exe, then nothing.

    So far my experience with this software has been awful.

    I have followed all the guidelines in the Quick Reference.
    I have no anti virus running except Windows Defender.
    No other overlay processes running.

    Any help, suggestions would be appreciated.


    Never heard of that, but I’ll look into it. The desktop viewer shouldn’t even be able to start multiple instances, I think. Not 100% sure though.

    Please just don’t use it for the time being. It’s not really necessary.

    Arma III only works when launched without BattleEye, unfortunately it blocks vorpX. You can disable BE in the Arma III launcher.


    Thanks for the reply Ralf.

    For ARMA 3, please can you confirm I am doing the following correctly:

    1. On PC, open Oculus, configure Vorpx to use Oculus and ARMA 3 profile, start Vorpx
    2. Switch on Quest 2, connect via USB link, launch Oculus Link
    3. In headset, open Desktop and open steam
    4. Launch ARMA 3

    These are the steps I have taken. A window confirms Vorpx is connecting to the exe.

    I will check about Battle Eye. When I first started the game before attempting to use Vorpx I don’t remember enabling it.


    The steps look correct.

    BattlyEye is on per default. You have to disable it in the launcher.

    If it still does not work without BattleEye, please check for potential conflicts with other programs on your PC that also hook into games. That’s by far the most likely cause of hooking problems. The pinned trouble shooting guide on top of this sub forum has more details on the matter.


    Managed to get it working in the end using Virtual Desktop with Vorpx configured with the Steam setting. Not sure why it would not work with Oculus link. Enjoyed playing in cinema mode but could not quite stomach full vr! Head tracking seemed to always keep centre view which made me feel quesy (looking right moved screen left!).


    The game is supposed to use TrackIR tracking since the last vorpX update for decoupled walk/look. Looks like I forgot to auto enable TrackIR in the Arma III config file, sorry for that. Will be fixed.

    Off the top off my head: there should be a controller tab in the game’s control options where you can enable TrackIR.

    If that doesn’t work, disable TrackIR in the vorpX menu for ‘normal’ mouse based head tracking. Works also fine, just without decoupled walk/look.


    Thank you Ralf. I’ve got to say I am really impressed by your quick feedback and help. I’ll give it another go tomorrow. Compared to my first post when I stated my experience had been awful I can say there has been a complete turnaround and I’m really enjoying what I have seen so far. Looking forward to trying out a few more games in my library!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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