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    Does anyone know why some games start up well with Vorpx Viewer and some instant crash?
    Outriders, Far Cry 5, 6, New Dwan, even Star Trek Battlefields 2 – all run perfectly on start up,
    on the other hand MARVELS Avengers, Control, Quantum Break straight away crash with the Vorpx Viewer running.
    No idea why.. cant really be the 3D engine as Tomb Raider runs great with the Vorpx Viewer but Marvels Avengers crashes, both run same engine..

    Anyone has an idea or tip how to bypass those crashes on start up?


    Forgot to add, the games all run the Reshade set up with SuperDepth 3D installed , some work, some dont. Unfortunately for all these games there is no Vorpx profile or none work.


    @Ghost75757 vorpX definitely has issues with Reshade, sometimes. It does seem to depend on the specific game. Sometimes it will even warn you it won’t work, but then does. If, for some reason, I prefer SuperDepth 3D / VR in a certain title I’ll usually just switch over to Virtual Desktop (avail. on Steam) instead of the vorpX Desktop Viewer. That solution didn’t used to work well because Virtual Desktop was much, much slower than vorpX. But now it’s pretty close. Overall, if the vorpX solution works, it’s usually best to just go that route as it’s easier to setup and a bit faster. I do have some titles however that definitely benefit, for whatever reason, from the SuperDepth solution. And of course, in your case, it sounds like you are running games unsupported directly by vorpX anyway. BTW, switch over to the VR version of SuperDepth; includes AMD sharpening, nice.


    For superdepth3D or other SBS like native 3D in games, Desktop+ is a good free program on steam if you can’t run it in vorpX desktop (ie cant run in borderless) to get the benefit of the Clarity feature.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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