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    Hi, I’m trying to use the Desktop Viewer and windows that comes up only shows a black screen.

    I have it configured for SteamVR and it doesnt seem to matter whether I’m on my Pimax or my Vive Pro

    If I am in SteamVR first then launch the Desktop Viewer nothing happens except a window opens off screen (I have to right click and Move) to get it to show on the monitor.

    I only have one monitor enabled.

    If I dont have SteamVR running first, I would expect that running Desktop Viewer would start SteamVR but again nothing happens except a black window.

    I should also mention I am on Windows 11
    with a RTX 3080Ti


    were you able to fix it? I’m having a similar issue getting Desktop Viewer to work, just a black thumbnail when I hover over the taskbar application


    Having seemingly the same problem of not being able to use VorpX Desktop Viewer. It loads into Windows (showing a black preview thumbnail) and opens inside the headset, but only shows full black on the left eye (though it did show the animated loading icon at some point) and a static frame of what appears to be the cinema environment with a black screen.

    Using a Razer Blade 14 with RTX 3070 on Windows 11, no external monitors and using a Quest 2 with Link.

    Any idea how this problem can be resolved?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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