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    Hey everyone,

    Was just curious if there is a profile with settings/options the same as Vorpx Desktop Viewer, but that we can actually hook a game into that wont work with other profiles?

    Basically – been playing some 2d and isometric games that dont have ‘3d’, but I like playing them with the Desktop Viewer in like an Imax type screen in the headset…

    Is there a profile available that I could use to just ‘launch’ the games with Vorpx Desktop Viewer settings, without having to launch Vorpx Desktop Viewer?

    Just was curious if this was an option to just have the game be what launches the app instead of having to do Vorpx Desktop Viewer -> to Desktop -> to selecting game at bottom of screen, etc. Some of the games hang a bit when I Alt Tab out to check something with Desktop Viewer, was wondering if theres just an option to circumvent it with a Profile.

    Thanks for your time!


    Isn’t that what happens with no profile?
    Most games should hook even without a profile but won’t have depth. They still play in VR with the benefits of hooking.
    Otherwise you can try copying a profile for a game with the same engine.
    I’ve almost never had to use the desktop viewer.


    Just to second senoctars post: that is indeed what happens when vorpX hooks into a game without a profile. 2D only, but otherwise all options available. A new profile is created when settings are saved.

    That is still better than playing a game via the desktop viewer, which is mostly useful for actual desktop tasks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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